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Sunmi – Full Moon (보름달)

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Judul Lagu: Full Moon (보름달)
Nama Penyanyi: Sunmi
Album: Full Moon
Tahun: 2019
Genre: Kpop
Jenis file: Audio MP3 (.mp3)
Publish: 2019-05-16
Author: ikpop.Info
Ukuran File: 3.72MB
Kualitas Audio: mp3 stereo - rate 44100 Hz - s16p- 128 kb/s


Lirik Lagu Sunmi - Full Moon (보름달)

The First collaboration of JYP
and Brave Sound
Here we comes Sunmi

eh eh eh eh eh
eh eh eh eh eh
eh eh eh eh eh
OK It’s time to Leggo

There’s no need for any words right now
You and I, our eyes are talking
Don’t say anything, there’s no need for words
Softly come to my wet lips and kiss me

The typical words of I love you
Seems special tonight
Why is my heart beating so fast?
Now it is time

My dear, when the full moon rises, come see me
Before the night is over, before the sun comes up, hurry
My dear, when the full moon rises, give me your love
Before the night is over, before the sun comes up, come see me

eh eh eh eh eh
eh eh eh eh eh
eh eh eh eh eh (Perfect weather can get no better)
eh eh eh eh eh
eh eh eh eh eh
eh eh eh eh eh (Everything around us so so real yo)

Tonight, It’s the night
With the full moon shining, it’s the perfect night to whisper love
The weather makes me feel good, 11 PM, it’s the perfect setting
Even the sky is blessing us
Don’t rush, don’t leave anything out
Just think about us, the night is long
I’ll hold your hand as we’re walking on the moon
The tightly shut door is open, the dream I’ve had for a long time

As our clothes get drenched in the rain
We are walking on this path alone
As we whisper sweet love to each other

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